Multichamber immersion plants

These plants always find application when high throughputs, large batch weights, complicated part geometries and complex multilevel processes are involved. The configuration as well as the accessory range is tailored in each case to customer requirements.

A tried-and-tested transfer system with removable basket holders means that the fully automatic multichamber immersion plant allows cost-effective retrofitting of additional basket holders that flexibly increase the throughput performance. Alternatively, additional basket holders can lengthen process times in the individual stations whilst maintaining the same throughput capacity and thus fulfil the demands for higher cleanliness.

Multichamber immersion plants also offer the largest possible degree of flexibility for goods movement, cleaning agents selection and accessories. Simultaneous swivel/turn and lifting movements can be easily integrated into this plant concept. Machine technology permits the use of efficient immersion tensides or aggressive media in plastic tanks and the system offers the lowest drag rates for complex demands of cleaning agents mixing and rinsing quality.

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