Single chamber plants

Its compact exterior dimensions and optionally available expansion units, like ultrasound, pressure bath circulation and hot air and vacuum drying, make the single chamber flooding and cleaning plant the all-round solution for practically all applications.

The advantages of this plant technology lie principally in the optimum energy consumption resulting from the storage of conditioning media in sealed, insulated containers. This plant range also scores on the process front with the full stream filtration of the conditioning media and the availability of ultrasound or spray function at every treatment stage.

For small numbers of components with simple geometries, compact single chamber spray plants are ideal. The optimal cleaning effect is achieved via a turntable or a vertically turning spray register for particularly large and heavy individual parts.

A horizontally turning basket holder is recommended for bulk parts or the individual introduction of parts via the baskets. These systems come in standard sizes, but are also produced in all sizes to meet customer specifications.

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